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Installing a variety of different systems for water supply, heating, and sanitation. Including (but not limited to): sinks, bathtubs, toilets, dishwashers, washing machines


Supplying natural or propane gas to equipment such as furnaces, boilers, fireplaces, stoves, and barbeques. Also includes licensed gas hookup and initial startup.


Layout, preparation, and installation of specialized piping for high pressure systems, refrigeration, chemicals, and other atypical household systems.

Hydronic Heating

Installing and maintaining a variety of hot water systems to heat your building or home.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)

Installing residential sized equipment to combat the harsh swings of the Alberta climate.


All makes and models, systems big and small, we'll do it all.

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Some of Our Work

Below are some examples of work we've done for other customers.

Boiler system

Hydronic Heating Packages

Including: Boilers, Combi boilers, heat exchangers, manifolds, and pumps

Renovated basement


Basement renovations, restorations, including light commercial.

Custom gas fireplace

Custom Gas Appliances

We install gas fireplaces, barbeques, and stoves

Instantaneous hot water heater

Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

Large or small demand instantaneous water heating units.

Hydronic heating installation

Hydronic Heating and Snow-melt

Large or small demand Hydronic heating and snow melting systems.

Furnace installation

Furnaces, HRV, and HVAC

Heating, heat recovery and air conditioning systems.

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